Best Mobile Apps for Physicians Part 2

Top Cell Phone Apps for Doctors

Filtering through the thousands of medical apps now available can be time consuming and stressful.  As a medical professional we know your time is limited which is why we have compiled a list of the top 20 apps for physicians.  Some will help you organize your life and practice while others are going to assist you in building relationships with patients through top notch medical care.  

While there are a few apps that are back from our previous list of the Top 10 Mobile Apps for Physicians, we've also included some new apps that help with staying organized, catching up on healthcare news, and patient care. 

Here is our list of the top 20 apps to bring you balance in your personal and professional life.

Apps for Patient Care


Epocrates continues to impress with its drug interactions checking, pill identifier, and medical calculator.  In the past year, this app has helped clinicians avoid more than 27 million adverse drug events.  Epocrates is currently being used by 50% of U.S. physicians to influence prescribing decisions.  Per a recent survey, 60% of its users reported avoiding at least one adverse drug error every week. 

ECG Guide

With over 200 examples of commons and uncommon ECGs, your 99 cents for this app will be well worth it.  It serves as a full reference text and largest ECG library available on the iPhone.  Interpret, learn, reference, and quiz yourself to become a connoisseur on interpreting ECGs.

Radiology 2.0 One Night in the ED

Radiology 2.0 is an educational app that provides radiology cases that allow the user to simulate reading CT scans at a PACS workstation.  Discussions follow each case that are educational and interesting but it is the number of CT images that make this app an interactive educational resource.  If you are interested in learning how to interpret images, the extensive content will help you learn radiology online or offline and is completely free.

Doximity-Version 3.0.1

Similar to Facebook, Doximity is the only HIPPA-compliant mobile messaging system for only verified US physicians.  Data in Doximity is synced between the web and mobile app so users will never lose information and can access it from anywhere.

Genius Scan +

Available for iPhones and Windows phones, Genius Scan+ makes scanning and sharing documents easy.  It can turn scans into PDFs, crop and straighten them, and then e-mail them or email as a JPG. As an added bonus, users can export documents to, Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Docs — and print documents to an AirPrint compatible printer.

Apps for Staying Organized

Sticky Notes for iPad

Useful yet simple, sticky notes helps you stay organized with short notes.  Voice dictation is available for this app on the new iPad and you can choose multiple colors, fonts, and text color.


Voted as one of New York Times ‘Top 10 Must Have Apps’, Evernote connects all of your computers and phones so you can capture something on one device and then access it from another. Whether you want to create voice reminders, to do lists, capture photos, or take a note, Evernote helps you stay organized while increasing productivity.

CalenGoo (synce with Google Calendar)

CalenGoo is a fast and easy way to manage your Google calendar with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.  Also available offline, this app will save your changes and upload them the next time you are online.  Very similar to the web viewing of Google calendar and allows you to use the Google Tasks to make sure you are always one step ahead.

HeartPro lll

Developed in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine, this app is most ideal for cardiologist but also for educators or other healthcare professionals seeking to share patient information.  This app provides detailed views of the heart and/or animations making education and patient engagement that much easier.

SwiftPay MD

Used to capture and post charges for all the services you provide to your patients.  This app, available on your iPad or smart phone, allows providers to capture charges at the point-of-care to help move claims through the revenue cycle even faster.

Medical Journals & Healthcare News

NEJM This Week

The New England Journal of Medicine helps keeps doctors up-to-date with medical research, reviews, case materials, and commentary.  With a wide variety of topics covered, the NEJM provides images, audio, and videos.  Physicians and educators alike will not be disappointed with this free app.

Black Bag Medical Resources

Looking for another great source for medical news?  Black Bag benefits healthcare professionals across multiple specialties by providing medical news, journal summaries, videos, podcasts, and conference coverage in a free easy to navigate app.

MedPage Today Mobile

If you are looking for breaking medical news from a clinical perspective, MedPage Today will deliver.  One thing that makes this app stand out is the comprehensive reference information and free CME/CE credits.  It covers over 30 specialties daily but does require you to register to take full advantage of its features.  The app also provides clinical reference information for HCPs, live conference coverage, and alerts with each article posted on breaking news.

Medscape from WebMD

Medscape gives healthcare professionals 24/7 access to health information and decision-support tools such as symptom checker, drugs and treatments, first aid information, and local health listings. Medical news and critical alerts are also available in 32 specialty areas.  Providers that don’t have a dedicated Wi-Fi connections or wireless plan can also access this app offline.

Just for Fun

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

Free iPhone game that lets you handle clinical cases in 2-3 minutes for fun! Use it in your free time to brush up on two or three clinical points you can apply in your practice.  The cartoon-style narrative keeps it interesting and the real life patient modeled content keeps it useful.

Patient Communication

drawMD Cardiology

This app helps improve patient understanding of medical problems by utilizing the iPad’s unique interface to allow anyone to sketch, stamp, or type directly on the detail anatomic images included in the app.  You can help patients and family members remember your conversations by emailing your drawing you discussed with just one click. After all, aren’t you trying to go paperless?

Xprompt: Multilingual Assistance

When you don’t share a common language with your patients it becomes difficult to communicate and build a relationship.  Xprompt enables dialog by providing you with 800 medical and auxiliary phrases that can also be saved as your favorites for quick access.  English, German, and Spanish come installed but you have the option to add 18 others for a small price.

Blausen Human Atlas HD

As a mobile means of patient education, the Blausen English Human Atlas combines 3D medical animations with a cross searchable medical term glossary.  This app helps communicate common medical conditions and treatments right at the point of care

Phillips Vital Signs Camera

This app is able to measure heart rate and breathing rate from a distance by using the camera on the iPad or iPhone 4S!  Definitely an impressive app for docs wanting to ‘wow’ patients!  With the advanced camera, it detects small changes in a patient’s coloring and chest movements for heart and breathing rate.

inMotion 3D

Designed for Orthopaedic specialists, this app helps educate patients on hip and knee replacement surgeries.  The implants view, surrounding anatomy view, and animations available are incredibly useful when explaining replacement surgeries on the hip and knee.

eClinicalWorks Apps

healow-Health & Online Wellness

eClinicalWorks is proud to unveil healow-Health & Online Wellness.  Healow is the only portal your patients will need to manage their health and wellness!  Providers can use healow to maximize their schedule with visibility to all new patients in the area looking for a provider while also converting cancellations into open time slots for new appointments.  One more way to streamline your office and empower your patients to take charge of their health!

The healow app will be available iOS and Android platforms, empowering patients to set reminders for treatment compliance, record pertinent health data and track progress made toward their health and fitness goals every day. 


Giving you the look, feel, and functionality you would expect from eClinicalWorks, eClinicalWorks’s iPad app is easy to use and combines the most-used features of eClinicalWorks EMR.  Contact us for more information on the health care industry’s first choice in portable EHR solutions!


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