Data, Analytics, and Insights to Improve Clinical Coding Compliance


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    • Faster Payments

      We break down coding related issues causing denials and implement provider training programs and process improvements to improve payment velocity.

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    • Stronger Compliance

      Ensure accurate and ethical medical coding practices with the help of Certified Professional Coders and Medical Coding Consultants.

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    • Comparative Analysis

      Avoid undercoding or overcoding with detailed analytics to compare provide coding performance on the national and state level.

A Personalized Approach to Medical Coding

Medical Coding is an essential piece of revenue cycle management but also highly complex. We simplify medical coding for each clinician by keeping a set of eyes on every claim and providing specialty-specific coding education to improve clinical documentation.

How we do it

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Medical Coding Analytics

Drive Improvements with Data

Data analytics isn’t just for finance. Building a comprehensive medical coding strategy calls for more data, better analytics, and real-time insights. Through a combination of reports and audits, we build a 360 degree view of medical coding performance and develop a customized strategy to improve payment velocity, reduce denials, and enhance claim integrity.

The RCM visibility you need

Get Visibility into your coding trends

Identify medical coding issues and the risk of an audit with an E/M Code Utilization Bell Curve Analysis. We'll point out compliance issues related to under and over coding while identifying opportunities for increased revenue with proper coding.

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The Future Ready RCM.

Traditional medical billing fails to think forward. The future of healthcare is changing and those that lead it need new ways to integrate data, standardize processes and reinvent the revenue cycle for tomorrow and beyond.

Take the next step to elevate your revenue cycle.