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Patient Pay Platform

Patient Revenue Cycle Reimagined

REVELE Pay accelerates and increases patient cash flow, streamlines post service billing operations, automates the entire patient billing process, and provides the best patient experience that works for all demographics.

Give patients an easier way to pay with technology that integrates directly with your current EHR system:

  • Readable Interactive Bills
  • Contactless AutoPay
  • Live-Chat Billing Support
  • Personalized Patient Engagement
  • Multi-Channel Drip Campaigns
  • Digital & Paper Statements
  • Credit Card on File
  • Live Person Call of Delinquent Accounts
  • Secure Single-Click Online Pay (no login or passwords needed)
  • US Based Patient Service Reps
  • Self-Served Payment Plans


Typical results when practice switches to REVELE Pay:

  • Decrease patient bad debt by 50-70%
  • Increase patient net collection rate to 86-95%
  • Reduce patient revenue collection to an average of 12.6 days
  • Decrease statement costs by 80%
  • Reduce billing-related patient calls by almost 80%


Start providing a better payment experience for your patients.

study by InstaMed, a J.P. Morgan company, shows that 74% of all consumers and 80% of millennials prefer online payments for medical bills. 74% of millennials would switch providers for a better healthcare payment experience. Currently, 75% of providers still use paper statements and manual processes primarily for collection.

REVELE Pay is an online payment and collection solution which enables medical practices to automate:

  • Preparation and delivery of digital online statements with integrated online payment options
  • Scheduled follow-up reminder texts and emails with integrated online payment options
  • Credit card detail capture and retention enabling contactless autopay features for subsequent bills

REVELE Pay’s integrated payment options include online statements and digital reminders giving patients an immediate, streamlined, and online payment path. The Tap to Chat feature included on digital statements and reminders also provides patients immediate access to live, US-based billing support to address any question or concern.

REVELE Pay is highly configurable, allowing practices on the eCW EHR to personalize patient engagement, including auto and live person reminder calls, online self-serve payment plans, and multi-channel drip campaigns.


of all Consumers would consider switching healthcare providers for a better healthcare payments experience.

*Source: Instamed Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report 2017

Drive patient pay results with Credit Card on File

Get the guidance you need to implement a comprehensive credit card on file program. Our REVELE Pay technology integrates seamlessly with eClinicalWorks' software to enable a credit card on file program that drives faster payments and improves collections. We’ll help you kickstart your credit card on file program with:


Customized front office training and best practices


Developing and communicating a new financial policy


CCOF guidelines to support a patient centric strategy

The Future Ready RCM.

Traditional medical billing fails to think forward. The future of healthcare is changing and those that lead it need new ways to integrate data and standardize processes that span the entire claims lifecycle. That’s why Revele has reinvented the revenue cycle to enrich revenue performance for tomorrow and beyond.

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