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Without an integrated analytics solution, getting the right insights at the right time to drive individual provider and payer decisions can seem impossible.

Revele’s Healthcare Analytics platform provides an integrated clinical, operational and financial analytics solution providing a comprehensive overview of performance.




Practice Performance Report

Get the RCM visibility you need.

Get a monthly snapshot into practice performance with a customized dashboard and in-depth data on practice performance metrics like charges, payments, AR, payer mix, provider production, and more. Our custom Practice Performance Report comes standard with Revele RCM.

revele practice performance report

comparative analytics graphs example

Comparative Analytics Solution

Compare your practice data to your peers’ data and determine exactly where your organization needs improvement. Harness remittance data of more than 400,000 providers to configure various reports to benchmark your performance with your peers by state, national averages, and specialty.

  • Reason code analysis
  • Procedure code utilization
  • Claim denial analysis
Enterprise Analytics

Monitor all daily operational processes with point-and-click simplicity.

Gain daily, insightful performance views of your most important processes to maximize productivity and resource utilization.

example screenshots of revele's interactive dashboards

Easily create interactive dashboards.

Dashboards provide timely feedback that can motivate employees, maintain workflows, and keep everyone focused on the operations that impact the bottom line. Revele Healthcare Analytics automatically collects data from multiple sources making it easier for you to measure, analyze, and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a format that is both interactive and insightful. Select from a variety of reports including trends and projections to fully customize a personal or shared dashboard.


screenshot of drag and drop feature

Drag and drop performance measures and data filters.

In-depth analytics doesn’t have to be complicated. With an ad hoc reporting and analysis tool, you have the flexibility to search and refine your data by simply dragging and dropping performance measures and data filters. Creating analysis reports is logical and intuitive while in-depth analytics can easily be done without having to collect and aggregate data manually.

revele Financial analytics graph examples

Build a more stable, predictable, and profitable practice.

  • Calculate practice profitability by profit centers grouped by division, practice, provider, facility, specialty or an ancillary service or procedure

  • Ensure claims are paid correctly with flagged underpayments and overpayments

  • Compare E&M Coding with CMS Benchmarks

  • Quantify “what if” scenarios and identify revenue opportunities

graph of financial analytics for comparing competitors

Tie clinical quality and patient outcomes to financial success.

Save time, avoid errors, and eliminate tedious work with advanced population health management and clinical analytics.

  • Combine data from multiple sites and/or multiple EHR systems to produce a single source reporting environment
  • Effectively manage unique patient populations that require more complex care plans
  • Identify patients that are not meeting the clinical quality criteria to eliminate gaps in care and maximize the performance results of your clinical quality measures
  • Track any number of CQMs and compare them to a baseline so you can choose the best measures when filing

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