We make pursuing every dollar possible.

Modern-day medical billing requires multiple processes, technologies, detailed analytics and is made to be as complex as possible. We recover revenue with a systematic, individualized denial methodology that drives measurable financial improvement.

Through proven workflows, detailed performance reporting and consistent monitoring, our denial specialists are able to pursue every dollar while your staff dedicates less time to billing activities.


  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Claim Submission EDI
  • Patient Statement Services
  • Medical Coding Consulting
  • Clearinghouse Edits
  • Claim Reconciliation
  • Custom Rules Engine Edits
  • Proprietary Denial Resolution System

Eliminate manual processes for faster payments.

Achieving the shortest collection period possible means fully optimizing the features and automation capabilities available in eClinicalWorks' software. Manual processes can often lead to timely filing and missed revenue. Implementing claim automation and streamlining the communication between providers and medical coders makes claim submission quicker for faster payments.


of denials are avoidable.

2 out of 3

denials can be recovered.


*Source: Becker’s Hospital Review, May 2018

three coworkers looking graphs and data on a lap top

Prevent denials with medical coding training and claim review.

Constant changes to medical billing and coding can make claims management seem impossible. Revele's Certified Professional Coders utilize experience in over 30+ specialties and sub specialties to provide a range of medical coding and auditing services to assist with documentation, charge capture, and denial management.

At Revele, we're reviewing every claim and educating providers on medical coding and documentation best practice to ensure compliance and clean claims.

Improve Clinical Coding Compliance



Practice Performance Report

Holistic denial reporting to identify trends

As part of Revele’s holistic denial management methodology, we continuously monitor all angles of the claim process including charges, payments, contractual adjustments, write offs, and bad debt adjustments. Through ongoing monitoring and reporting, we’re able to find and fix issues affecting the claims process quickly.

revele practice performance report


The Future Ready RCM.

Traditional medical billing fails to think forward. The future of healthcare is changing and those that lead it need new ways to integrate data and standardize processes that span the entire claims lifecycle. That’s why Revele has reinvented the revenue cycle to enrich revenue performance for tomorrow and beyond.

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