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Advanced Gastroenterology


Advanced Gastroenterology provides state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and comprehensive treatment for health conditions affecting the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. This full-service medical practice, located in Union City, Tennessee, includes three clinics: Advanced Gastro, Advanced Medispa, and Summit Weight Management Clinic. In addition to these 3 clinics, Dr. Nuako owns and operates a surgery center, Summit Endoscopy Center.

Since Dr. Kofi Nuako opened Advanced Gastroenterology in 2004, they’ve proudly practiced an approach that values the unique symptoms and concerns of each patient, provides personalized care, and delivers the most advanced gastroenterology care.

Advanced Gastroenterology

The Challenge

Advanced Gastro initially partnered with Revele in 2012 for eClinicalWorks medical billing services but soon after, management changes led Advanced Gastro to seek out alternative eCW billing services to reduce costs.

Shortly after transitioning the medical billing to a new billing service, Advanced Gastro found that the arrangement was not performing as well as expected. As Advanced Gastro took steps to transition the medical billing in-house, staffing changes and the amount of work made handling the billing in-house a challenge.

Advanced Gastro hoped to reduce administrative work and create efficiencies. The clinic recalled their previous experience from 2012 and turned to Revele once again for end-to-end medical billing services.

If there is something that our practice wants to do, but Revele doesn’t offer it, I am always met with the response of "we don't currently do that, but let’s see what we can do to get it done" and that is really impressive.
It is nice to know that when our needs or anything changes, Revele is always up for the challenge, and able to get it done."
Hayley Summers
Hayley Summers Advanced Gastroenterology

The Solution

Today, Revele has helped Advanced Gastro create efficiencies by developing a flexible revenue cycle partnership that fits the needs of Advanced Gastro's practice and patients.

By partnering with Revele, Advanced Gastro has been able to collect more revenue at a faster rate. Advanced Gastro has seen a 6% reduction in insurance AR greater than 60 days in the last 12 months and continues to see an increase in both gross collections and claim productivity.


22% Year-Over-Year Increase in Collections

  • Appeals management

  • Claim scrubbing

  • Proactive and reactive claim follow-up

  • Detailed performance reporting

  • Financial reconciliation

  • Medical Coding Review

10% Increase in Gross Collection Rate

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