The 5 eClinicalWorks National Conference Sessions I Won't Miss

It's that time of year again! Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, my Summer clothes are packed away, and my boots are ready to make their appearance in Nashville, Tennessee at the 2018 eClinicalWorks National Conference.

This year's eCW National Conference will be my 4th trip with my first being in 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona which I believe was the first eCW National Conference. It's safe to say the conferences have grown significantly since 2011. If you're anything like me, getting prepared can be a little overwhelming. It doesn't matter if it's your first trip or your 4th, you're still trying to find the best sessions and make sure you maximize your time there for learning - and fun!

The eCW National Conference is always a great experience because I get the chance to emerge myself in all things eCW. As a remote employee, I also have the opportunity reconnect with some of my colleagues and customers.

As a Sales Consultant at GroupOne, I'm often demonstrating eClinicalWorks and understanding the challenges that my prospects are facing. Because of this, attending eCW's National Conference helps me soak up as much knowledge on new features, enhancements, and the eCW roadmap for the upcoming year so I can communicate eCW's capabilities to those practices seeking to switch systems.

Now let's get to the breakout sessions. Signing up for sessions this year wasn't easy. eClinicalWorks has done a great job packing in a variety of sessions on topics like healow insights, value-based care, urgent care workflows, patient engagement, and that's not even scratching the surface.

I wish I could attend them all but, my time is limited. Here are a few sessions in particular that I'm looking forward to attending this year.

1. The Keynote

The eCW Keynote might not be a breakout session, but it has to be on my list. The keynote on Friday morning is a chance to hear from eCW CEO and co-founder Girish Navani and it's always energetic, informative, and inspiring.

It's always been one of my favorite parts of the conference because I get to hear about all of the innovations and what's in store for the coming year. If you don't plan on attending the keynote, I highly recommend reconsidering. 

2. healow Open Access/Televisits: Dare to Serve Your Patients Online

Telemedicine has been a big buzzword lately. I've heard more and more from physicians that are seeking to encompass telemedicine into their practice and wanting to know how eClinicalWorks can help them do just that.

I’m excited to see what’s coming with the healow TeleVisits now that the reimbursement models are changing and patients are becoming more open to telemedicine. There are quite a few sessions on Televisits this year, but I'm particularly interested in this one. In this session, we'll hear from Avance Care is using it today to lower overhead and offer more services to patients.

3. Using Kiosk to Optimize Your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Documentation

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit brings new revenue opportunities to practices and also provides a much-needed service to eligible seniors. While some practices were quick to offer Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, others have been slow to follow because of the complexity of the visit and the time it requires.

When we think of the kiosk, we usually consider the benefits that it brings to the front office staff. I'm excited to hear how the use of the kiosk can free up more time for a meaningful visit and lead to improved patient satisfaction. We often forget the role that the kiosk can play in capturing patient information that caregivers find useful before seeing the patient.

If you join this session, you'll also see a customized template built for the AWV that captures the critical Medicare ACO quality data and optimizes risk coding.

4. How to Use eClinicalWorks Scribe on Mobile and Desktop

I always enjoy the user-based sessions from real everyday eCW users. I’m excited to sit in on the session from a provider, who describes himself as not a computer expert, just a 50-something family physician, husband, and father who needed to figure out this job of electronic documentation better while getting home sooner. 

Who doesn't want to get home sooner? I can tell this session is going to be one of my favorites. Nearly every provider I work with needs easy access to patient information and a quick way to capture charges for out of office visits. In this session, we'll see a demonstration of how he constructs quality notes with the use of a template specific to the patient encounter.

He is also going to demonstrate how he uses eClinicalWorks Scribe on eClinicalMobile and its cloud-based version, Dragon Medical One to get back to the hands-free, uninterrupted dictation. If you find yourself frustrated with documentation or aren't sure how to get started with Scribe or eClinicalMobile, this session seems like it will deliver some serious value. 

5. How Superusers Improve Efficiency, Patient Management, and Cash Flow

This session is another client presentation that I'm looking forward to this year. The breakout session preview lists Dr. Bradley Block and Dr. William "Reddy" Biggs as the presenters. I remember Dr. Reddy as one of the first to share eCW tutorials and how to videos on YouTube so I'm extremely happy to see that he will be presenting this year!

Combined Dr. Block and Dr. Reddy have 26 years of experience with eClinicalWorks! The session will focus on how providers and staff can use eClinicalWorks to optimize productivity and patient care. eClinicalWorks has undergone many updates over the past couple of years that have been exciting but also equally challenging for some eCW users. I'm hoping that this session will give me some insight into new tips and tricks I can share with my clients and colleagues on using eClinicalWorks.



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