10 Reasons We Love eClinicalWorks 10e

eClinicalWorks 10e is the newest version of eClinicalWorks and the best part? It's in the cloud. 10e can be used on any platform and it is a unified system bringing all the components that healthcare providers need to deliver care and engage with patients into one single platform. We've noticed a lot of improvements with 10e but the following are the top 10 reasons we love 10e (and think you will too).

1. It looks incredible. 

eClinicalWorks 10e Scheduling Screen

eClinicalWorks 10e is more modern, intuitive, and overall visually more appealing compared to Version 10. The navigational changes don't just look good; they also make using the system a lot easier. 

In the screenshot above you'll noticed the navigation bar is now located on the left side of the screen. In the menu icon, you still have all of the tabs that used to be located at the top of the screen. This way, when you have other screens open inside of eCW, you can still easily access the menu from the left side.

And if by chance you don't believe us when we say 10e looks incredible, just take a minute to compare the schedule below in eClinicalWorks Version 10. You can see that in comparing the two versions that 10e is much more sleek and not quite as "busy" as Version 10.

eClinicalWorks Version 10 EHR


2. The favorites feature will save users time.

eClinicalWorks 10e Favorites

You may have noticed in the last screenshot the icon at the top of the left side menu labeled Favorites. This icon takes you to any screen in eCW that you have starred as a favorite. To add a favorite, simply click the star next to a feature in eClinicalWorks like encounters, pharmacies, security settings, or wherever you spend most of your time in the system. You can always remove a favorite at a later date if needed.

The favorites feature is super helpful and lets you access what you need in eClinicalWorks faster with fewer clicks.

3. Setting up schedules and breaks is quick and easy.



Remember when setting up schedules was a nightmare and could sometimes take an entire day? 10e relieves us of that headache. Adding a schedule for a provider in 10e is easier and faster.

You can select multiple days during the setup of the schedule and you can add breaks. So instead of having to set up two separate times for the day, you can now just schedule your daily lunch break in 10e.

4. Integrated TeleVisits are available.

eClinicalWorks TeleVisits


With eClinicalWorks 10e, your practice can expand into the latest healthcare delivery models including telehealth. Healow TeleVisits is integrated within eClinicalWorks 10e to help you extend your clinical reach and save time traveling between facilities.

TeleVisits can reduce unnecessary admissions or readmissions, and even help in avoiding unnecessary transfers to another facility when a remote specialist can determine the patient’s best option. TeleVisits are also perfect for situations when a quick visit is needed, eliminating the need for immobile or potentially contagious patients to visit the office. 

5. The actions screen is simplified.

eClinicalWorks 10e Actions

The actions screen is divided into two separate spaces so it's easier to remember how to create a one-time action (left side split) vs using the right side of the screen to make the action recurring.

6. Added search options in 10e.

eClinicalWorks 10e Search Options

When you enable 10e, you will quickly notice just how prominent the search functionality is in multiple screens. By making the search option available, users will save time and avoid frustration when trying to find something in a hurry.

Searching has been added to the navigation menu to make finding a certain feature or functionality quick and easy.

7. Streamlined patient search.

eClinicalWorks 10e Patient Search Options

Excess screens are removed when you need to find your patients. For instance, in a new appointment screen instead of having to open a separate box to find your patient, 10e will live search in the same appointment screen and you can select your patient from there.

8. The Patient Hub is easier to read and navigate.

eClinicalWorks Patient Hub 10e

In 10e, the Patient Hub is much easier to navigate and the layout makes finding information much faster for the user. The navigation bar with the labs, DI, procedures, immunizations, etc. has moved to the left side of the Hub while appointments, billing, structured data, and little circles that contain a count of labs, DI, referrals, actions, telephone encounters, web encounters, documents, and P2P are all easy to read at a glance.

The structured data pulls in from the demographics section into the Patient Hub and the same grey quick links to things like actions, consult notes, and progress notes still appear in the Patient Hub similar to how they appear in Version 10.

9. Patient Demographics

eClinicalWorks 10e Patient Demographics

The necessary information slots have been moved from Additional Information to the first patient demographics screen. You no longer have to go to Additional Information to add in what used to be Meaningful Use (now Advancing Care Information) details and the Pharmacy, Contacts, Attorneys, Case Management, and Circle of Care tabs have been moved in line with Insurance. One screen and done!

10. Simply put - it is all on the cloud!

eClinicalWorks Cloud Based 10e EHR

It is truly amazing that you no longer have to open a whole new program to run your dataset. All it takes is a computer and a Chrome window and you are in. In my experience, 10e has been a completely different and much more efficient way to utilize eClinicalWorks.

With the improvements in patient engagement and care coordination in 10e, we believe the use of the technology will support care coordination between physicians and patients by providing access to critical information at the point of care.

Contact us today if you're interested in seeing what eClinicalWorks 10e can do for your practice.


eClinicalWorks 10e is here and your practice can start taking advantage of all that it has to offer today. We do recommend that any eCW user move forward slowly with 10e and adopt the new cloud-based version by first enabling it for super users. There are a number of differences with 10e and these differences could cause a loss of productivity if necessary training isn't carried out prior to switching to eClinicalWorks 10e.

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