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In-House vs Outsourced Medical Billing White Paper GroupOne Health Source

Cost Analysis: Internal vs. Outsourced Billing

This operation analysis takes a look at internal billing and how it compares financially to outsourcing the medical billing operations. Learn about the 13 costs to consider before outsourcing.

Guide to Evaluating Revenue Cycle Management Services

Guide to Evaluating RCM Companies

Download the Complete Guide to Evaluating Revenue Cycle Management Companies to learn about the criteria you need to consider before outsourcing your RCM.

RCM Service RFP Template Image Resource Page.png

RCM Services RFP Template

Considering outsourcing your medical billing? This medical billing RFP template will help your practice ask the right questions when searching for a medical billing service and ensure a successful medical billing service is chosen.

Key Metrics of RCM Success

RCM Key Metrics to Measure for Success

Learn how to increase revenue by measuring the most critical key metrics of RCM. Compare your data to healthcare industry benchmarks to measure your practice's RCM.

2019 ICD-10 CM Code Guide

2019 ICD-10 Code Guide

Access the ICD-10 CM Code Guide for information on deleted codes, revised codes, and new codes for 2019. 

2019 CPT Code Guide

2019 CPT Code Revisions Guide

View the 2019 CPT code revisions, additions, deletions, and crosswalk codes effective January 1, 2019 for your specialty in this complete guide.