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Secure Accessibility to Key Clinical Data

eClinicalWorks interoperability


Industry-leading Interoperability with eClinicalWorks.

eClinicalWorks’ advancements in interoperability allow the entire medical community to leverage technology to improve communication and ultimately provide a higher level of patient care. Solutions such as eEHX and Join the Network (JTN) enable secure communication and facilitate the sharing of patient data in a protected manner.  
Join The Network (JTN) is an initiative to connect providers to one of the largest vendor-neutral networks in the country. More than 20,000 of your peers (both eCW users and non-eCW users) currently use Join The Network to communicate with colleagues, share clinical information about patients securely, and make informed decisions about treatment plans.


The eClinicalWorks Electronic Health eXchange (eEHX) is a comprehensive HIE solution that facilitates interoperability between clinical systems in community-wide settings. The eEHX solution gives providers real-time access to a patient's longitudinal health record at the point-of-care, enhancing clinical decision support and improving coordination across different care settings. With eEHX Longitudinal View your practice can create a comprehensive patient-centric view of clinical data such as CCD, labs, radiology, documents, discharge summaries, etc. available at the point of care.

eEHX provides the capability to exchange data between many different healthcare systems and offers tools for managing these interfaces at the community level. Integrations utilized include: 

  • IHE Profiles ( XDS.b, PIXV2, PIXV3, PDQV2, PDQ V3, BPPC, XCA, XCPD)
  • Various types of bi-directional C32 exchange
  • Bi-directional demographic integrations
  • Other in-bound and out-bound clinical integrations such as labs, discharge summaries, etc.
  • Single sign-on capabilities to-and-from the eEHX system



“We provide our patients with the best care possible, necessitating information from all of their care givers. 

Many of our patients are also seen by doctors at HealthEast Hospital, which could have created challenges due to different systems. Instead, we have a seamless view into our patients’ care, regardless of where it occurred. Knowing that eClinicalWorks and Epic, the technology partners for our organizations, have made interoperability a priority is one of the reasons we selected them.”

-Dr. David Thorson of Entira Family Clinics


eHubeClinicalWorks eHub

eClinicalWorks eHub manages the exchange of clinical data between eClinicalWorks EHRs and participating health systems. These systems typically include hospital systems (LIS, RIS, emergency departments, inpatient EHRs, and other ancillaries), reference labs, imaging centers, private and public Health Information Exchanges, and other vendor inpatient and ambulatory EMR systems. In addition to facilitating integrations between healthcare systems, eHub provides the tools and solutions for successful management of these integrations.

Features of eHub:
-Routing services for orders and results
-Content management
-Notifications and Alerts
-Message tracking services and dashboards
-Order manager





A Network for Everyone

As an eClinicalWorks user, access to the Network is built directly into your EMR giving you an open network to easily connect and collaborate with other providers. Logging into eClinicalWorks automatically connects you to the Network – providing integrated and easy-to-use functionality for communication, enhanced workflow, and secure sharing of information. Join the Network to connect with over 78,000 providers.
eClinicalWorks Join the Network    

Join the Network to become Meaningful Use Stage 2 Compliant

Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires practices to become more familiar with interoperability standards for secure sharing of patient information. eClinicalWorks provides you with the tools needed to successfully comply, making key clinical data available to share in a secure, trusted environment. By Joining the Network, providers are given the option for a Direct address aiding with the necessary compliance for Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements for secure exchange of clinical data.

Join the Network MU Stage 2 Features:

  • A summary of care record is provided for all transitions of care and referrals
  • 10% of transitions of care are sent electronically via Direct standards
  • Providers can send summary of care records to fellow colleagues using a different EHR vendor and/or to the CMS test EHR all while complying with Direct standards and protocols

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