Step One of the eClinicalWorks V12 Upgrade - Know These 3 Things Before You Transition to eCW V12

rpg-ecw-v12-graphicStep One to eClinicalWorks V12 Upgrade 

Our top three podium of what you need to know. 

#1.  When you upgrade to eCW V12 you will NO LONGER have access to EXE. The EXE platform is completely disabled in V12.

#2.  The last eCW V11 version that is EHR Certified is V11.52.305C.66_64-43. Version 11.52.305C is also 2015 Edition Cures Update CEHRT (if attesting to MIPS).

#3. Watch recorded videos and attend webinars on eCW Portal ( 

  • Videos: Search “V12” 
    • What to Expect with V12 for System Admin and Practice Management (12-2-2022) 
    • What to Expect with V12 for EHR Mid Office (11-21-2022)
  • Webinars: Knowledge Tab > Webinars > Register
    • What to Expect with V12e Quarter 2 System Admin and PM 
    • What to Expect with V12e Quarter 2 Mid Office 

Reach out to our team at Revele for more guidance on eCW Version 12!

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