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Analyzing Your Current eClinicalWorks RCM / Medical Billing Performance, Process, and Workflow


This is a true no-brainer! Request a FREE eClinicalWorks expert analysis of your current eClinicalWorks RCM / medical billing performance, process, and workflow. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure that you are capturing all charges AND collecting for all reimbursable services.

"We recently took part in Revele's Financial RCM Analysis program.  I was a bit skeptical going in but was curious to see the results, especially because of Revele's claimed expertise regarding eClinicalWorks.   The process was painless and included simply providing a few reports.  The data and insight we received were eye-opening, with some of the information being brought to my attention for the first time, despite our long-term use of the eCW system.  We came away with multiple actionable items and suggestions.  It was impressive and well worth our time."

CFO of a Large Medical Practice

Your FREE Consultation with one of Revele's eClinicalWorks RCM experts will include:

  • Review of key KPI’s
  • Comparison of your results to industry standard
  • Calculation of what you should be collecting monthly
  • RCM workflow tips for eClinicalWorks users
  • RCM reporting tips for eClinicalWorks users
  • Q&A regarding anything related to RCM on eClinicalWorks
  • Quick and hassle free process


Contact us for a free eClinicalWorks RCM analysis and consultation provided by a Revele Certified eClinicalWorks RCM Expert.

Request FREE eClinicalWorks RCM Analysis

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