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    OneRate Case Study

    35% decrease in billing costs

    38% improvement in AR and RCM

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    OneRate | EHR and Billing Services Bundled Package

    A Range Of Services…Under One Roof

    OneRate is designed as a comprehensive solution for practices that wish to leverage the full range of GroupOne’s products and services. Customers that opt for OneRate will receive:

    • Use of eClinicalWorks, the award-winning electronic medical records solution.  GroupOne will pay the cost of your eClinicalWorks license fees as well as any ongoing support and maintenance fees.
    • Comprehensive medical transcription services
    • Professional coding & billing services, via the GroupOne Billing Center
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    Benefits of GroupOne's OneRate

    Built-in Profit Margin: The fee for the inclusive services is straightforward and is calculated as a percentage of your organization's monthly collections. To put it simply, we don't get paid until we collect money for you. As a built-in benefit, the expenses for these services fluctuate in direct proportion to your revenue resulting in a built-in fixed profit margin %.

    Shorter working capital cycle: When practice support services are not aggregated, it takes an average of about fifteen days to go from transcription, to coding, to billing. With GroupOne’s integrated OneRate program, this lag time is dramatically reduced. In fact, some OneRate customers have seen their full cash-back cycle reduced from 60 days or more, to just 35 days. This represents a 40% acceleration in getting cash back into your business.

    Simple and cost-effective pricing: OneRate offers customers simplified, combined pricing that covers all included products and services, which makes planning and budgeting more predictable and straightforward. In addition, since OneRate aggregates multiple services for a practice “under one roof,” GroupOne can offer its customers attractive, bundled pricing.

    Increased Accountability, Better Quality: With a single partner handling all aspects of practice management support from end-to-end, the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing!Systems and processes for the entire operation - transcription, billing, coding and accounting - are in synch with one another, resulting in better quality and fewer details falling through the cracks. Plus, the entire operation benefits from increased accountability, since there’s no more uncertainty about who’s responsible for any particular issue, process or problem.

    Terrific Solution for Start-Up or New Practices: Save thousands of dollars and avoid large initial capital outlays and fixed monthly expenses related to staffing, additional costly office space, EHR and practice managment systems and computer equipment. See Built-In Profit Margin discussed above.

    HITECH/Stimulus Payments: Assuming that your practice meets the final criteria established by the Secretary of HHS, your practice will be in line to qualify for up to $44,000 in stimulus payments without incurring the upfront license costs related to an EMR. As your partner, GroupOne intends to assist each of our clients in the qualification process so that they are in a position to participate in the HITECH payments that became available in 2011. The fact that your practice is on a CCHIT certified EMR in eClinicalWorks and the fact that you've partnered with an EMR expert in GroupOne puts your practice ahead of the curve and in good shape to participate in the Stimulus payments. For more information on the HITECH Act, Click Here.

    Access to profit maximizer tools: GroupOne's profit maximizing team brings your practice tools to help save time and money for your practice while improving quality of care and increasing your revenue. Click here to learn more about Code Correct as one of GroupOne's billing and coding tools for our billing clients.

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