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GroupOne Health Source is a full-service medical billing, transcription, technology and consulting firm. We offer a range of services focused on the business side of medicine, so that our customers can concentrate on patient care.

Our services are suitable for both startup organizations, along with well-established healthcare practices. In all cases, our goal is to help businesses maximize revenues, control costs, and streamline their operations for a profitable future.

Clients can opt for any of GroupOne’s services on a standalone basis, and we always provide a customized service tailored to your particular needs. We also offer integrated services, in which we combine multiple services to maximize efficiency. Our OneRate program is designed as a comprehensive, one-stop solution for customers that wish to leverage the full range of GroupOne’s products and services.

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eClinicalWorks EHR System

eClinicalWorks is an award-winning unified software system for electronic medical records, practice management and medical document management. GroupOne will help implement eClinicalWorks in your practice, and provide the necessary product training and support to get you up-and-running with this powerful tool.

GroupOne Health Source is a Gold Certified distribution, installation, training, and implementation partner of eClinicalWorks. In fact, GroupOne ranked #1 of all eClinicalWorks channel partners for number of implementations completed in 2009, 2011, and 2012. GroupOne's Medical Billing Center also utilizes eClinicalWorks to provide billing services to hundreds of physician practices.  As an actual everyday end user of the eClinicalWorks system, GroupOne has a unique advantage when implementing the award winning system in a variety of practice settings. As one GroupOne Client stated, "GroupOne helped customize the system to work for us instead of us working for the system."

EHR Medical Billing & Coding

When your healthcare practice has difficulty coping with the demands and intricacies of medical billing, coding and collections, the GroupOne Billing Center will help you take control of claims management processes and your entire practice workflow. Our billing and coding services eliminate unnecessary claim denials and delays through a complete integration of workflow, billing, coding and reimbursement management.

Medical Transcription

GroupOne offers high quality, flexible, and easy-to-use medical transcription services, which are always customized to the needs of our customers. From dictation to transcription to retrieval, we are committed to providing a service that adds value and efficiency to our clients’ operations.

OneRate | EMR and Medical Billing Bundled Package

OneRate is GroupOne’s integrated, end-to-end practice management solution. It is designed as a comprehensive, one-stop solution for customers that wish to leverage the full range of our products and services, including electronic medical records, transcription, coding and billing, and accounting services.

Medical Practice Startup & Management

Whether your healthcare practice is just getting off the ground, or if it’s been up-and-running for years, GroupOne’s practice startup and practice management services can help you with the business side of medicine, so that you can focus on patient care. We have a wide range of practice startup and management services, which can be customized for new, established or transitioning practices.

Medical Consulting Services

GroupOne's range of consulting services and programs are designed to help your organization maximize profits. From financial forecasting to governance issues, policy and process development to coding and chart analyses, our consulting services pay for themselves.

Education & Training

GroupOne provides a wide array of programs to improve your organization’s bottom line through education and training. We will equip you with the most updated information regarding financial and management services, compliance and operational issues, tools to improve staff performance, and proactive ways to generate more cash.

HIPAA Compliance

GroupOne offers flexible and customized HIPAA compliance services to suit your organization’s needs. Services range from providing introductory or targeted HIPAA consulting, to developing a full-fledged HIPAA Compliance Strategy.

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eClinicalWorks EHR Demo

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