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    Hospital Medical Billing

    If you're a hospital administrator looking to better manage the professional fee component of your hospital's revenue cycle management system, then eClinicalWorks EMR/Practice Management unified platform is the answer. Whether you're looking to outsource your entire professional fee billing functions or just some of them, GroupOne has the expertise to analyze your hospital-owned physician practices and your employed physicians' productivity to identify lost revenue opportunities.

    GroupOne specializes in helping hospitals reorganize their workflow and systems so they can minimize lost reimbursements and maximize their effectiveness in pursuing unpaid claims. This could be as simple as realigning staff responsibilities, or perhaps physician and staff education can help improve coding and claim submission processes. GroupOne's careful analysis can identify where these needs lie, and can also bring contracting and credentialing problems to light. For many hospital clients, GroupOne has taken on all professional fee (Part B) revenue cycle management, effectively becoming the hospital's Part B CBO, working side by side with the hospital's regular (Part A) CBO.

    Many hospitals can also realize improved efficiencies by linking their hospital technology and software systems to those of their employed physicians and hospital owned practices. GroupOne has the software and programming expertise within the eClinicalWorks system to provide solutions for these complex issues. The desired interface may involve real-time data transfer between software systems, or may include the sharing of images and electronic documents between a hospital's medical records system and the physicians' electronic health records systems. Whatever the unique requirements of your particular facility, GroupOne has the skills, tools and resources to handle the most complex of software and programming challenges.


    • High Level Consulting for Hospitals: GroupOne has the knowledge and expertise to help you identify key areas of need, and then to implement solutions that work.
    • Partial or Complete Outsource: GroupOne can handle some or all of your professional fee (Part B) revenue cycle management to help your hospital maximize opportunities in that area.
    • Custom Financial Reports: Get reports designed to show information the way you like to see it, including reports to meet higher level (administrative) financial reporting requirements.
    • Highly Trained Support Team: GroupOne's team of experts is at your service to offer immediate support to you and your staff.