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    Education and Training

    Is your organization optimizing staff productivity?
    GroupOne HealthSource provides a wide array of programs to improve your organization’s bottom line through education and training. We will equip you with the most updated information regarding financial and management services, compliance and operational issues, tools to improve staff performance, and proactive ways to generate more cash.

    HIPAA Compliance at What Benefits and Costs?
    A detailed yet easy-to-understand look at the implications of the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for the physician practice. An explanation of the mandated deadlines for compliance, the civil and criminal penalties, as well as the timeline for standardized transactions, code set, privacy and security enactments. The session details the final rule from the Federal Registry.

    One Patient...One Claim
    This session focuses on how to implement best practices in the workflow of a medical practice, and the effect these have on claims and payments. It discusses customer/patient satisfaction mechanisms, as well as effective and efficient medical practice management for physicians. This seminar highlights fifteen "Points of Access" that occur during a patient encounter, and how to achieve ‘best practice’ status for each access point.

    A Case Study in Success – Multi Specialty Group
    A look into the practices of a very successful, hospital affiliated multi-specialty group. 89% of the physicians in the medical group exceed MGMA benchmarks for productivity and compensation. This session offers insight into the group’s governance, compensation structure, politics, employment agreements and management services, including billing, collections and credentialing.

    Current Legislative Events
    How the healthcare policies of the Bush administration and beyond will affect your bottom line. HIPAA, Reimbursements, Compliance – gain knowledge and insight into current and proposed legislative issues. Learn what the likely outcomes will be and how to best prepare your organization.

    The Business Side of Medicine
    Gain a clear understanding of the ‘business’ side of medicine. Acquire knowledge and insight into: practice-monitoring financial formulas; industry benchmarks; how to analyze accounts receivable; and how to calculate fee schedules. This session also focuses on anti-trust and Stark laws, managed care and capitation, and how they will affect your practice.

    Introduction to Coding and Beyond
    This seminar focuses on practical coding issues that affect your bottom line. You will be introduced to ICD-9, CPT, HCPCS coding, as well as modifier and waiver of liability usage. Gain a deeper understanding of evaluation and management, global surgery and mandatory diagnosis codes, and how they apply to practice management. Also learn how to avoid common coding denials to increase your bottom line.

    Practice Management – "The Basics"
    In this seminar, gain knowledge of Practice Management components such as A/R goals, overhead expenses, productivity, billing and reimbursement procedures, practice benchmarks and physician involvement.

    Avoiding Deadly Claim Denials
    This session will focus on the most common reasons for claim rejection by insurance carriers and how to avoid them. The seminar will cover claims management, eligibility & benefits, insurance basics, coverage basics, payment processing, claim forms and common coding problems.

    Maximizing Coding Information
    A look at current industry trends, policies and procedures for reimbursement management, as well as new and effective insurance communication tools. This session provides insights into maximizing coding potential, minimizing compliance risks, and benchmarking utilization.

    Managed Care Update
    This seminar focuses on "managing" Managed Care, collecting dollars from a managed care plan and utilization review/quality care. Learn the vocabulary of Managed Care and how it will affect your business office staff. Also gain insight into national trends among physician practices and attributes of successful integration.

    GroupOne HealthSource will customize programs to fit your specific needs and objectives.

    For more information regarding our services, call 800-769-5288 or email services@grouponehealthsource.com

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