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    EMR Medical Billing and Coding Pricing

    medical billing cost

    The pricing structure for GroupOne’s billing and coding services is straightforward, and calculated as a percentage of your organization’s monthly net collections. To put it simply, we don’t collect until you collect.

    Our pricing for billing services is typically lower than national averages, and is based on a financial analysis of your practice’s historical or projected (in the case of startup practices) data. GroupOne’s goal is to offer competitive pricing for billing and coding services that meet or exceed MGMA benchmarks.

    What’s in a Number?

    GroupOne’s clients appreciate the simplicity of a pricing model based on a straight percentage of their monthly net collections. Our pricing is determined by a detailed analysis of your organization’s key characteristics, finances and other data. When calculating a percentage of collections for a client GroupOne's takes into consideration

    • Past charges
    • Receipts
    • Adjustment history
    • Collection rates
    • Payor mix
    • Planned future changes to the practice
    • Practice specialty
    • Number of physicians
    • Average number of patients seen
    • Average number of procedures and/or visits

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