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    eClinicalWorks is committed to developing industry-leading interoperability standards. Solutions such as eEHX for hospitals and enterprise customers, and P2POpen for physician practices enable secure communication and facilitate the sharing of patient data in a protected manner. eClinicalWorks’ advancements in interoperability allow the entire medical community to leverage technology to improve communication and ultimately provide a higher level of patient care


    The eClinicalWorks Electronic Health eXchange (eEHX®) facilitates interoperability between clinical systems in community-wide projects. This versatile community solution creates a holistic view of a patient’s clinical record. eEHX improves continuity of care across multiple care settings, making critical information available at the point of care.

    eEHX is a suite of solutions that can be used individually or in a combination that provides a complete interoperability toolkit for a community.

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    P2POpen from eClinicalWorks revolutionizes communication from practice-to-practice, provider-to-provider and peer-to-peer. It is a scalable and secure way to enhance patient care through improved dialogue.

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