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Hi you, here is some more information on ePay.

  On Demand ePay Demo

On Demand Demo

View this recorded webinar with ePay and GroupOne to see the ePay portal in action.
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Schedule a Call

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View a Case Study

Learn how one practice used ePay to improve cash flow and make patients happy.

 How much will ePay cost my practice?

GroupOne Health Source will pay the start up costs and the monthly maintenance fees for your practice. Your only cost is a 2.65% transaction fee for payments made through ePay.


How can my patients access ePay?
GroupOne will provide a link to ePay on your patients monthly billing statement and the practice can provide a link called "Bill Pay" on their website, which is linked to ePay for easy electronic payment. Your patients can also call GroupOne's Patient Services Department where a representative can securely take their payment by phone.
How are payments made in ePay posted in my billing software?
GroupOne will post all patient payments made through ePay to your practice management software each day.
What type of credit cards do ePay accept?
All major credit cards including American Express and Discover.

How do payment plans work?

Payment plans are optional with ePay however, most practices do choose to let patients set up payment plans. You can require a down payment for the plan and set a minimum amount for the payment plan. Your practice also has control over the timeframe of the payment plan.


How much have you collected with ePay?

As of December 2015 we have collected $3,913,811.73 in patient payments using ePay for our customers.


What is the ePay start up process?

Upon deciding you want to use ePay, we will contact you to answer any other questions about getting started. We would then need some additional information on setting up your account. We will send you a form to collect this information from you and pass the information along to our ePay contact. This ePay contact will then coordinate your staff training on ePay and connect with your webmaster to set up the online link so that patients can access the payment portal from your practice website.


Do I need to sign a contract?

No, you will not need to sign a contract to get started with ePay. You can choose to discontinue with ePay any time with no termination fees.


How long does it take to get up and running with ePay?

The startup process is typically 2 weeks.


What can ePay do for you?

Increased RevenueIncreased Revenue

37% more outstanding payment balances are collected with ePay. Don't let patient pay negatively impact your revenue.

Earlier PaymentsEarlier Payments

Practice's using ePay see payments 21 days faster compared to traditional patient payment methods.

Easy RefundsEasy Refunds

With ePay you can process refunds that are connected to the original payment for easy refunding and clear audit trails.


Set up is easy. Get started today.