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eClinicalWorks Medical Billing Customer Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

GroupOne is the trusted RCM solution for eCW users.

Ho`Ola Lahui Hawaii Testimonial

Ho`Ola Lahui Hawaii

Federally Qualified Health System focused on serving the needs of Native Hawaiians and their families.

"We definitely made the right decision to outsource our billing functions. Having a partner like GroupOne on board to keep us apprised of ever changing billing requirements is one of the many benefits of GroupOne. Having a quality team of people at GroupOne carrying the burden relieves us from having to fight to find billing talent in an already competitive job market for billing staff. Maximizing revenue and improvements in the revenue cycle have made our financial future look brighter. We are very satisfied with GroupOne and we are glad we made the change."

David Peters, Chief Executive Officer

Sunshine Pediatrics

Sunshine Pediatrics

"We have been very happy since our switch to GroupOne.  Not only do we get eClinicalWorks EHR with our monthly fee but they are aggressive with claims and get our bills paid. We get timely reports every month to help us keep on track with our charges. I like knowing somebody is looking over my charges for me and the employees are pleasant to work with."

Dr. Dana Tavaniello


Prime Healthcare Providence

Prime Healthcare Providence Medical Center

"As a leading EHR implementation and RCM firm, we felt that GroupOne could help us modernize our paperless workflow and improve our bottom line. Not only does GroupOne have expertise in EHR implementations, but we also researched their experience as a multi-specialty medical billing partner in a variety of practice settings. Their revenue cycle management services proved to be a perfect solution to our needs."

Terry Jett, Director of Physician services

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Associates

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Associates

"Partnering with GroupOne has proven invaluable to our organization. Their expertise adds a layer of intelligence to our internal operations that small companies can’t afford to staff internally. In return, this has allowed us to improve our revenue cycle management while simultaneously becoming more efficient in other administrative tasks. GroupCore’s core team is the base of their support and they continue to impress our staff with their ability to address all of our concerns, even those outside the scope of billing. This includes eCW interface coordination, MIPS rollout, training of our Medical Assistants on EMR workflow and documentation, and data analysis for business development projects." 

Jason Alexander, Chief Executive Officer

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