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Jim Johnson

Jim is President of Live Compliance, a partner service for GroupOne Health Source RCM customers. LiveCompliance provides a powerful management program and an automated & organized portal for organizations wanting to maintain healthcare compliance requirements with ease.

Email: jim@livecompliance.com

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5 HIPAA Items that Practices Should Focus on in 2017

by Jim Johnson on February 15, 2017

With all the recent turbulence in healthcare surrounding Meaningful Use, ICD-10 and now the transition to the Merit-based Incentive Payment System, HIPAA has flown under the radar, in a sense, for some practices. However, in 2017 it's important that practices make HIPAA compliance a priority. Here are five things we covered in a recent webinar on what all practices should focus on in regards to HIPAA compliance in 2017.

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Should Your Medical Practice Hire a HIPAA Compliance Officer?

by Jim Johnson on December 14, 2016

Although healthcare facilities of all sizes and types are required to choose a HIPAA compliance officer to make sure that regulations are followed, some choose to blend the role with an existing one. For small to medium-sized practices, the thought of hiring a full-time HIPAA compliance officer may seem financially unfeasible.

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Top 10 Most Common HIPAA Violations

by Jim Johnson on December 3, 2016

With HIPAA violation fines reaching up to $50,000 per occurrence and a maximum annual penalty of $1.5 million per violation, it's important for medical practices to ensure they are HIPAA compliant at all times. And while all possible HIPAA violations should be considered potential threats to your medical practice, some are more common than others. 

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Preparing Your Practice for the 2nd Round of HIPAA Audits

by Jim Johnson on October 22, 2016

With the first round of HIPPA Audits behind us, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) indicated back in March that it would finally launch the long-awaited round 2 of HIPAA audits in 2016. As we near the end of the year and start preparing for the Merit Based Incentive Payment System, physicians and practices must also be preparing for the next phase of HIPAA audits expected to take place in early 2017.

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